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A new way for freelancers to work together and support each other. Swap your skills with other freelancers to grow your own business. For example, if you are a writer and need a website, find a developer who needs a writer. It’s a simple as that!
No fees, no credit cards – just a community of freelancers supporting each other and a simple, hassle-free platform. 


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How it Works

The world of work is changing. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur and require a service for your own business, and can offer a service in exchange, this is the place for you. Simply choose the service you need, and the service you can offer in exchange, and we will show you other talented individuals (Barterers) that require your service and can provide what you need in return – without any fees.

Find someone who needs what you do, and does what you need - free

What you need to Do?

In the search boxes, choose the service you need for your own business and the service you can offer to others.


If you don’t already have a free Starter Barter account, you can set one up at this stage. No credit card is needed.


We will show you any Barterers which match with you - that can offer you the service you need, and need the service you offer.


If your service requires in-person or on-site work (eg a photographer), you can choose to only view Barterers in your location. Otherwise, we will show freelancers who can work remotely.


Choose which matching Barterers you want to contact and we will provide each of you (you and the Barterer you select) with each others email addresses, then we leave it to you to arrange the service exchange.


If there are no matching Barterers at the time you search, we will send you an email if a match registers within 60 days of your search.

What you need to Do?


The Help Center

The vast majority of our users sign up for the same reason – that they want to acquire great services by trading their own skills. Our platform isn’t for people to monetize their skills, but to exchange them.
A good place to start might be on an hourly basis – for example, 5 hours of web design might be equivalent to 5 hours of writing. But only the two parties can decide that. If you negotiate in good faith, most users manage to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Then don’t work together. Start a new search and find a partner that shares your vision and can meet your expectations.

Our service matches users for a specific task that both have at that time and is not a platform for ongoing work. We are working on a solution for users to add links to reviews from other sites that they may use.

We host a free platform to facilitate service exchange and we don’t have the overview of the work to act as arbitrators. Unfortunately, it is the responsibility of both parties to work together to establish a process to ensure that the work will be completed.

Accounts and searches are deleted automatically after 60 days, unless the user chooses to extend.