What is Starter Barter? And why is it important to me?

Let me tell you a little about me and why Starter Barter is so important to me and also, I hope, will become important to you.

I have worked as a freelancer and set up a couple of small businesses with a very low startup budget – no seed VCs for me. And when you start a business, money is tight. I worked as a copywriter but needed websites, some help with marketing etc etc – all the usual things which are needed to start a business.

And I wondered – surely, there are people who can build websites that need a good writer. If I write for them, will they build for me? But as I looked at sites like Fiverr and Guru, all services cost money. I kept looking – surely there must be a site for freelancers and small businesses to exchange services without cost.

But there wasn’t.

And now there is. Starter Barter aims to fill that gap.

Without any cost to the users, you can search for somebody who does what you need, and who needs what you do. If there isn’t an immediate match, we will email you when there is.

It’s really that simple.

We’d love to have you try the platform and give us any feedback that might help our journey.

Mike McKie – Founder, Starter Barter

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How it Works

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur and require a service for your own business, and can offer a service in exchange, this is the place for you. Simply choose the service you need, and the service you can offer in exchange, and we will show you other talented individuals (Barterers) that require your service and can provide what you need in return – without any fees.